April 15, 2015
West End 04 B

West End 04 (b)
Acrylic on canvas
36″ x 36″

If you scroll down you’ll see I did a study for this piece a while back. I wanted to do it larger. So, I did.

Self Portraits

February 23, 2015


My new series, Self Portraits, is my reaction to hard edge and post painterly abstraction and appropriation. In the year it took to do the series, it morphed from an exercise in studying master artists’ techniques and motifs into realizing that I was purposefully aping these iconic works in hopes that I could somehow impress myself upon them – or into them. The hard-edged anonymity of the subjects serve as an apt representation of this forced impression. Clearly unrecognizable, seriously out-of-place, lacking in detail or depth in arguably the most important parts of the original works, these crude approximations serve as clear and current representation of an emerging artist’s portrait versus a master’s.

Showing: February 23rd – March 22nd

James’s Gate
5-11 McBride St, Jamaica Plain, MA 02130
(617) 983-2000

Working it

September 17, 2014
West End Lot - 16 Acrylic on canvas 36" x 36" 2014

West End Lot – 16
Acrylic on canvas
36″ x 36″


This work was selected to be part of The Provincetown Art Association and Museum’s (PAAM) Members’ Juried: PAAM100 show. I’m honored to be part of a special show with many brilliant artists. Visit the museum Dec. 5 – Jan 18th to view all works. I’m also happy to say it sold. Thank you, buyer.

I tend to like to work on two or more series at the same time. It’s a product of many ideas I want to flesh out or touch upon as well as not wanting to get stale on a subject matter or theme. Since I haven’t posted any of my ongoing Anonymous/Self Portait series it would appear all I’m doing is Provincetown lots. Not so. Like other lot locations this piece features a featureless setting but the truck represents the authentic P’town to me. Yes, there are not shortage of Range Rovers and Mercedes in driveways but this truck says a lot about who might own it. It’s as hardened as a “local” with its rugged charm, unapologetic display, and a few dings here and there… much like the many that work any service in a coastal town with many part time, and at times demanding, residents and tourists. This one goes to those that work tirelessly day in and day out and, despite some extra millage, are still going strong even after the season is over.

Sorry, Lot Full

July 29, 2014
Sorry Lot Full

Sorry Lot Full
36″ x 36″
Acrylic on canvas

The dreaded full parking lot. A moment of frustration in a town where the population increases twenty fold. Typically this sign is met with the a hopeful visitor hot, cranky, hungry, thirsty and wondering where you can get an all day spot without getting the car towed. Welcome to deep summer.

A lot of summer

June 11, 2014
West End Lot 003 36" x 48"  Acrylic on canvas 2014

West End Lot 003
36″ x 48″
Acrylic on canvas

As with much of my work, I like to try and capture anonymity and the overlooked. I’m fascinated with what we see but do not. A parking lot in a seaside resort town reveals the pursuit of reaching enchanted places during the hot summer months without revealing the beauty of the location itself. The cluster of parked cars offers that somewhere in this location there are the anonymous visitors taking a summer day by the sea. The lines of the parking spots, or the rows of cars, offer a depth that I look for in realism. The bleached out hues hint to the intensity of the high sun. The pale tones of the asphalt at high noon emits heat. It’s a hot day and everyone wants to get to somewhere with a breeze and water. The price? Hot door handles, inferno cabin interiors, long rides, and the risk of not getting to park at the beach at all after driving two hours from the city due to it being full.

I love summer.

Pretty pictures are for postcards

April 15, 2014
West End 010 12 x 12" Oil on board 2014

West End 010
12″ x 12″
Oil on board

Provincetown affords countless vistas; lilac choked lanes, quaint stores and pristine beaches teeming with wildlife. I rarely paint that. What I gravitate towards is telephone lines and parking lots. Sexy, right? I stride to evoke the feeling of a location and often times that’s better captured by what’s not shown.


First Thursday

April 1, 2014

I was asked to do a First Thursday opening and display of my last show Casey Was Here at the Coldwell Banker office in Jamaica Plain, MA. If you’re around come on down April 3rd 6-8PM!


February 28, 2014

Today marks the passing of a typography legend. Mike Parker is arguably the reason behind of the most recognizable font (no offense Times New Roman) in the world. His addition of Helvetica to the Linotype library, and its subsequent proliferation, will ensure that most human being will recognize it for millennia to come. Influential as it is ubiquitous, this font is a default install on your computer, is in myriads of logos and is a go to typeface for maps. It’s no nonsense sans serif face is one of the most legible ever created due to painstaking process involved in character consideration and buildup. Although not the creator of the font itself, that was more of a series of evolution (fontolution? yea, maybe not), he will be forever responsible for you and I knowing what a strange name like Helvetica means. When I’m in the sketching stages of designing a logo and I start a text layout my cursor always produces the characters in its font. Although I ultimately change it quickly there is some sort of odd comfort knowing it’s always there.

Think I’ll view my copy of the documentary  tonight.

I art Miami

February 13, 2014

I write this looking out at another Nor’Easter pummeling Boston. It’s been a long winter and we are not even close to done yet.

This past Monday I returned from a week of flawless Miami Beach weather. It was my second year attending the same weekend in February due to the Wynwood Art Walk. My impression last year was of surprise. The juxtaposition of cutting edge graffiti against modern art galleries, within a transitional area of downtown Miami, is impressionable. Although some say that it has already been overshadowed as a night out for bar-hopping hipsters, I took away something else.

Galleries attract collectors and artsy types that seek them out. This second weekend of every month event does more than allow an art lover to see many galleries without an appointment, it offers all walks of life a chance to revel and observe. Museums have had that cornered for a long time but you can’t pick up a Warhol, or an unknown struggling artist’s work, if you’re feeling flush. To see so many attendees is a rarity for the art scene up here in Boston. We have Open Studios but it’s is delimited to a different section of the city per month. There are open markets but not the same.This concentration of creative cum entertainment offers a monthly chance to see the works of talented artists of many mediums in a consistent locale. And it goes beyond these second Saturdays. A major event happening over this upcoming President’s Day Weekend is Art Wynwood and it coincides with the International Miami Boat Show. This brings a lot of eyes out to the Midtown, Design District and Wynwood arts scene. All of this exposure and chance to see, or even better, to buy great works is exciting. Miami is getting it right with art world. Boston needs this. So could many other cities for art exposure and for the artists. Granted it helps to have eighty degree evenings. I’m sure we could work something out (I’m looking at you many convention centers of Boston…).

Needless to say, I’m looking for a cheap flight down to Miami this weekend. You should too.

Oh, and I also took in the Peréz Art Museum Miami. I need a whole other blog about that gorgeous palace of awesome.


Exciting. I began my new series Anonymous.