Sean McCabe fine art


February 12, 2014

I think of my work in fine art and design as reactions to visual impressions and how it relates to its social context. The works are manifested by locations, feelings, observations, impressions cumulated into visual form. In my fine art, I’m drawn to the overlooked and the temporal, the mysterious, and the anonymity that surrounds us. Subjects that we “see”, often without regard, are destroyed and sometimes replaced reflecting the constant cycle within nature itself. This constant change correlates our attitudes, our social connections, our possessions, our vocations, our locations, our resources, our nature, our very existence; all at time’s mercy. My intension is to capture these changes and give reference to their being no matter how fleeting.

My process involves studies in digital form. As a long time Macintosh fan and user (most of my professional career has involved the use of one) it seems as natural to me to begin fleshing out an idea as a sketchbook is to other artists. However, the transition from a precise digital reference interpreted into an art piece is where the door opens for the unforeseen to reveal itself. The real joy of creating is that there is endless room for surprise.

Self Portraits

Casey Was Here

Provincetown is wired

12″ x 12″

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