Sean McCabe's 12 x 12 artworks

PAAM 12 x 12 shows

February 13, 2014

These 12″ x 12″ paintings were done expressly for the Provincetown Art and Association Museum’s (PAAM) annual 12″ x 12″ show. Since it’s a fundraiser show for the museum, I tend to focus on traditional landscapes of the area and use it as a break away from any series I am working on. I gravitate towards scenes that capture the mood of the area. The yellow door’s striking contrast to an overcast day or the melancholy of a man on beach offset by a happy companion as he stares at a tilted ocean. I tend paint of lot of square sized canvases due to the challenges they offer compositionally. It’s always a pleasure┬áto paint these pieces for a wonderful organization.

Oil on canvas

12″ x 12″

2011 – 2012