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Sorry, Lot Full

July 29, 2014
Sorry Lot Full

Sorry Lot Full
36″ x 36″
Acrylic on canvas

The dreaded full parking lot. A moment of frustration in a town where the population increases twenty fold. Typically this sign is met with the a hopeful visitor hot, cranky, hungry, thirsty and wondering where you can get an all day spot without getting the car towed. Welcome to deep summer.

A lot of summer

June 11, 2014
West End Lot 003 36" x 48"  Acrylic on canvas 2014

West End Lot 003
36″ x 48″
Acrylic on canvas

As with much of my work, I like to try and capture anonymity and the overlooked. I’m fascinated with what we see but do not. A parking lot in a seaside resort town reveals the pursuit of reaching enchanted places during the hot summer months without revealing the beauty of the location itself. The cluster of parked cars offers that somewhere in this location there are the anonymous visitors taking a summer day by the sea. The lines of the parking spots, or the rows of cars, offer a depth that I look for in realism. The bleached out hues hint to the intensity of the high sun. The pale tones of the asphalt at high noon emits heat. It’s a hot day and everyone wants to get to somewhere with a breeze and water. The price? Hot door handles, inferno cabin interiors, long rides, and the risk of not getting to park at the beach at all after driving two hours from the city due to it being full.

I love summer.

Pretty pictures are for postcards

April 15, 2014
West End 010 12 x 12" Oil on board 2014

West End 010
12″ x 12″
Oil on board

Provincetown affords countless vistas; lilac choked lanes, quaint stores and pristine beaches teeming with wildlife. I rarely paint that. What I gravitate towards is telephone lines and parking lots. Sexy, right? I stride to evoke the feeling of a location and often times that’s better captured by what’s not shown.



February 13, 2014

Exciting. I began my new series Anonymous Self Portraits.