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William Scott Gallery – Show 7/24

July 23, 2015

Having a gallery show is new territory. I have no expectations and look forward to criticism and feedback from the art savvy and casual observers of Provincetown. Grateful for the opportunity to be represented at William Scott Gallery and looking forward to what’s next already.

The show is up until August 5th. Come to the opening if you’re around Provincetown on the 24th. Stay for the free wine.

’tis the season

May 22, 2015

This is my first season at William Scott Gallery in Provincetown. I’m incredibly honored to be part of a group or artists and gallerists that are well known as purveyors of strong work. Opening salon is May 22nd from 7-9PM and some of these works will be on display. I have a show coming up there on July 24th. That’s not so far away…. I better get painting…

Self Portraits

February 23, 2015


My new series, Self Portraits, is my reaction to hard edge and post painterly abstraction and appropriation. In the year it took to do the series, it morphed from an exercise in studying master artists’ techniques and motifs into realizing that I was purposefully aping these iconic works in hopes that I could somehow impress myself upon them – or into them. The hard-edged anonymity of the subjects serve as an apt representation of this forced impression. Clearly unrecognizable, seriously out-of-place, lacking in detail or depth in arguably the most important parts of the original works, these crude approximations serve as clear and current representation of an emerging artist’s portrait versus a master’s.

Showing: February 23rd – March 22nd

James’s Gate
5-11 McBride St, Jamaica Plain, MA 02130
(617) 983-2000


February 13, 2014

I just wanted to thank those that came to see and bought paintings from my recent show at James’s Gate in JP. I am flattered by all the feedback and support. I’m in this for the long haul and hope to make your investment in me pay off down the road. I deeply admire all artists that work tirelessly to produce good work. I hope to do the same.

On that note, Happy New Years (say it a little bit crazy for full effect)!


Hey, Internets. So… I’m really new to this selling-myself-as-a-brand thing. I’m told I NEED a blog. Guess I gotta start somewhere if I wanna get some bills paid and sell some arts. I promise to try and write some thought provoking, deeply artsy stuff here as I go, but for now, excuse me as I do a warm up lap and just post a link to an article that was posted (and printed) about my current show Casey Was Here today.

Give it a read if ya got two minutes. Thanks, y’all.