People are corporations, too -

People are corporations, too

August 21, 2019

Tea Dance, acrylic on canvas, 20″x24″, 2018

I primarily work in oil and do landscape studies. Recently I was looking at some work I had done last year that was influenced by gay culture in Provincetown. So much drama happens within a few short weeks of “season” and I thought it is more or less a landscape in of itself. The social circles of old friends, annual pilgrimages, theme weeks, and venues create a microcosm of fleeting romances and relationships — some that last a lifetime or one evening. Ubiquitous settings such as “Tea”, as well “The Pool”, offer the most exposure to meeting someone special (I’ve known marriages born from these events) to someone for right now. I chose acrylic due to its fast drying time to lay down blended color that seemed more representational of perceived recollections of these moments in the summer sun.